Are you looking to pursue digital marketing as a career in Singapore?

As you have guessed, this is part two of The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career in Singapore. The first article gives you a bit of context, but if you’re starting from here, it’s totally fine!

Now, let me take you through the next five compelling reasons why you should be in this exciting field.

6. You can learn about digital marketing online (and for free!)

From free online courses to nanodegrees offered by legitimate universities, there are many ways you can learn about digital marketing.

To start, there are many free courses from sites like Coursera and Udemy that teach you digital marketing fundamentals. From there you can find out what specific skills you’d want to learn more about.

For more specific skills, check out Google Digital Academy, Google Analytics Academy, SEO Learning Centre by Moz and Hubspot Academy.

These are my personal favorites, and I retake some of them when they are updated just to keep in touch with any industry updates. Also, Google Certifications are usually valid for a year.      

While nothing beats hands-on experience, having a certificate when you’re just starting out is a great feature to have in your CV.

Also, reading case studies is a great way to suss out real-life inspiration for digital marketing campaigns that have achieved business goals.

With all these resources available, learning the fundamentals of digital marketing is a cinch!

7. Vast amount of reading material out there

After having your basics down pat, being in the know of the latest industry trends is a crucial part of being a digital marketer.

Lucky for us, there’s tons of literature by way of articles and blog posts by organisations and experts. With so many news sources and expert opinions, it’s not difficult to keep up to date on the latest developments in our field!

Here is a list of my personal favourites which I read through Feedly:

Content Marketing/ Analytics/ SEO

Social Media

Digital Marketing in General/ Others:

8. Expect rapid developments Digital Marketing field in Singapore

Speaking of developments, the digital marketing landscape in Singapore is said to flourish more and more each year, according to Hays.

This is owing to the rapid developments of solutions and platforms that enable businesses to enhance relationships with their potential and existing customers.

Hays also reported that we can expect to see more native advertising especially in mobile in 2018. Videos and apps will play a big part in the digital marketing campaigns in Singapore.

Evidently the business marketing is evolving to be more digitalised, making “digital marketing one of Singapore’s most dynamic talent markets.”

9. You can start a business in literally anything

Assuming you have a grasp of the wide spectrum that is digital marketing, with some capital saved up, you can start your own business!

With so many consumers on the internet in Singapore, whether you are a B2B or B2C in nature, you can reach your potential clients/ customers, whoever they are.

While the digital marketing strategies and tactics used in different industries may vary, having solid skills in digital marketing enables you to build your brand from scratch.

From email to social media marketing to SEO/SEM, these channels can reach potential customers and eventually convert them.


10. It’s a highly mobile job

Whether you’re working in-house, in an agency or freelance, you can manage digital marketing campaigns from anywhere since everything is done online.

Especially if you’re an experienced digital marketer, you can eventually convince your boss that you do not need to sit in an office from 9am – 6pm to do your work. All you need is a laptop and access to the internet. In fact, some tasks can be done on your mobile phone!

So if you lean towards being ADHD or you’re the creative type who needs a change in environments every now and then when working, digital marketing is one of those jobs that allows you to work anywhere you want. Well, with the right company, that is!

If you’re completely new to digital marketing and would like to learn more, watch this video by Engineered Truth to give you more insights from an experienced digital marketer.


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