This article was contributed by Marcus Neo of Pink Elephant Consultancy. 

How can you differentiate and outmaneuver your competitors? In marketing, you’ll call this positioning.

Positioning and copywriting are in intrinsically tied together because those are the words you write on paper, and tell your customer when you meet them in person, or through a web page. 

For years, I ran around telling everyone I’m an SEO consultant. People’s eyes would glaze over me.

“Yes, that search engine optimization thingy.”

However, recently, I’ve decided to test out a different approach. Now, I tell people that I meet:

  • “I help companies get found on Google”
  • “I create websites that sell”
  • “I convert online traffic to revenue”

People started paying attention. I even got some of them offering to sign up for my SEO course.

That’s because I was honing in on the benefits. Business owners and people, in general, want to increase their income, earn more money and make more sales.

SEO is just a means to an end. You could also argue that SEO rankings are a means to an end.

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Real Life Case Study

Let’s take a simple case study.

I run another company that teaches men how to better their dating life. For months and months, I had a problem with conversions.

I create an eBook that says: ‘Body Language to go from Asian Shy to Capturing Her Attention’.

  • Here’s the feature: Free 3 page eBook
  • Here’s the benefit: Capturing their attention

Yes, I did have conversions.

However, I tested out a different copy.

I re-positioned my eBook to say: ‘Blueprint to Getting High-Quality Dates

Our conversion rates increased by two times.

Compare the benefits I was marketing:

  • First benefit: Capture her attention
  • Second benefit: Get high-quality dates

Of course, people wanted high-quality dates. They didn’t want to ‘capture her attention’.

Now, what if I repositioned the material to say: ‘The Blueprint to Get Her from Hello to Sex’

I can almost guarantee you that the conversions will increase.

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The Copywriting Framework I Use that You Can Steal

  1. The first principle: write and speak to their benefits, not features
  2. The second principle: you need to be specific and vivid in your copy
  3. The third principle: if you said it to a friend to a bar, will he be able to understand?

That’s all.


That’s all.

How are You Different or Better?

So, how can I stand out in a crowded market?

There are tons and tons of digital marketing agencies providing similar courses. How can I not be just another digital marketing course provider?

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Ideas You Can Steal Right Now to Stand Out in a Crowded Market: Positioning Ideas

  • I talk and write about psychology
  • I tell my clients that SEO rankings aren’t enough, that their website has to be persuasive
  • I tell my clients that your business has to be different: that’s called positioning
  • People don’t want SEO, they want websites that generate income and revenue
  • My SEO courses are tailored for non-coders and for people who are non-technical
  • My digital marketing courses are tailored for people who are willing to put in the work, it’s not a quick fix
  • I include entrepreneurial systems in my courses

Now, benefits are important, so are features of your product or service. What features can you include in your product and service that make it irresistible for your customer?

In my programs and services, I’m always thinking to myself: what features can I add in? 

Here are some features:

  • Community – every quarterly networking sessions
  • Small group classes – Personal attention
  • Accountability – 1:1 personal coaching and calls
  • Great customer service – 24/7 support
  • Mentoring sessions – 6-month monthly group follow-ups
  • 100% money back guarantee – zero risks for your clients
  • Free returns – zero risks on your customers

You and I live in a world of infinite choices, especially in the information economy. How can you reach out from your screens and grab someone else’s attention?

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